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Invest In Real Estate With Your IRA
Learn how Real Estate can spell real tax-free profits with the right know-how

The dream of owning and managing real estate and keeping the profits to yourself instead of the tax man is not a dream any more. The fact is, it’s completely possible to enjoy tax-free or tax-deferred profit just by using your IRA or 401k to invest in real estate. Unfortunately, most people think their government-sponsored retirement plans are just for investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Adding Real Estate To Your Portfolio Can Really Add Up
Besides the benefit of building tax-deferred wealth and compounding interest, taking advantage of the tax-deferred nature of an IRA is one of the most generous benefits of such a retirement account. That means that should you use your IRA investment to purchase conduct a real estate transaction that turns you a profit, you won’t have to pay an immediate tax on any earnings like rent from a tenant or a property sale. What’s more, since these profits are earning compound interest, any profits your IRA real estate transactions make are generating a potentially huge influx of cash into your retirement account nest egg. Simply put, compound interest is interest earned on both the original investment sum and on the interest that accumulated on top of that original sum.

Why Haven’t I Heard About This Before?
The fact is, most financial advisors and IRA custodians don’t offer real estate retirement investing as an option. Even if you ask your trustee or custodian if you can invest in real estate as part of your investment portfolio, they’ll likely tell you “no” or even respond that they’ve never heard of the concept.

You can invest in real estate as a part of your overall retirement portfolio. Of course, the process is completely legal, though there are strict rules as laid out by the Internal Revenue Service which you can read about on the IRS website under Publication 590. What’s more, you can only invest in real estate with your IRA money under the guidance of a self-directed IRA firm.

Moving Help
The most cumbersome part of any relocation is usually moving all of your household goods and appliances to your new home. It does not have to be however. Chose a highly rated moving service can save you dozens of hours of physical labor or stress worrying about the care of your belongings. The exceptional customer service offered by a top tier moving company is well worth the extra cost over a discount company who employs temporary help as needed and have little regard for the customer.

Getting money from your house with a reverse mortgage
Most people associate houses with being their biggest expense. Now whilst this is true for the vast, vast majority of people, a new product called the reverse mortgage helps older people take money from their home. By refinancing, but without making repayments, a reverse mortgage lender offers tax free money to the homeowner in exchange for placing a legal charge on their house and charging interest.

Real Estate Investing In Foreclosures
Real estate investing with foreclosures is an excellent way of earning money in the real estate market. Foreclosed homes are usually available on the market at a lower rate than the market value. This is because the bank is not interested in holding onto foreclosed property for long; rather, they want to unload it as soon as possible. The best way to do this is by selling it at a rate lower than market value. Foreclosed homes are actually opportunities for investors to not only gain personal profits, but also to breathe back life into neighborhoods. This is because investors buying foreclosed properties make the required updates or repairs on the property. They then either sell the properties at a higher price than they invested in the repairs or use the properties for rental purpose and earn money on a monthly basis. This in turn helps the community, as the updates or repairs of the property help beautify the area, thus raising the neighborhood’s value in the process. The surrounding area becomes more attractive and inviting as a whole.

Foreclosure Tax Concerns
One of the important things to consider in real estate investing with foreclosures, particularly if the people involved belong to higher tax brackets, is that such properties can be used as tax shelters. This can be done by giving the rights of development of the property to an organization of conservation. By doing this, the organization gets the rights of development, but at the same time, the investors remain the owners of the land. However, such organizations mostly stay away from property developments. The rights of development carry a certain value and the investors are entitled to a benevolent contribution tax deduction for the donation’s value. The property taxes are usually lower than the value of the estate taxes of the property. As the land is used for purposes of conservation, the investors get to enjoy tax breaks and still own the land. This is good for the environment as well as for the investors.

Revitalizing Slow Real Estate Sales
When you put real estate on the market, you always dream of it selling in a matter of days or weeks at your asking price. It seldom happens that way, even in today’s markets, where homes are so in demand. You can often sell a house within a few months, but you usually end up negotiating somewhat on the price. But what if you’ve had your real estate on the market for months and you just aren’t getting any offers? You may end up biting your nails as you realize that you are still making mortgage payments and not making any money on property you may not be using. Of course, if you’re living in your home and had considered moving simply to make a profit and move up to a larger place, you can always take the property off the market and wait until it takes an upswing. One thing about real estate – if it goes down, it will go up again.

Moving Boxes
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